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It is a Semi-stone (up-Ratna) of Saturn.

In it we look for clarity or gaiety of colour, purple to violet, violet red, flawlessness, even distribution of colour.

It is also known as Jamunia & is worn in the phase of Saturn instead of Blue Sapphire (Neelam).

It is believed that Amethyst represents those qualities which would try to keep a man away from worldly intoxication, keeps him from falling head long into life, error, tempers and infatuations, and it represents detachment, Judgement, self discipline & high standards. By its charm it gives good understanding.






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Tiles & Beads

Gemstone Tiles : are also designed and manufacturer in all stones according to the house interiors and vastu shastra.
Prayer Beads : also manufactured in all shapes and stones as per the requirement using silver, gold & metal.

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  Amethyst Beads



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