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Crystal known as "SPHATIK",Rock crystal from Brazil is the cold,transparent & colourless gemstone which is used to make beads , figures , gems.It is a gem of purity , peace , knowledge , beauty , concentration , meditation , used in worships & has scientific & astrological effects as well. Crystal is a sub stone of Diamond.

Items made from Crystal :- Ganesha,Shiv-ling,figures of various God/Godess,Buddha head , Laughing buddha,Under & Uper carved Zodiac signs,Prayer beads for worshipping,Tortoise,Shri-Yantra,Pyramids,etc.

 Ganesha pendants made out of different semi precious and precious stones can be made available on order.
The tears of Lord Shiva that are the RUDRAKSHA beads have been worn by yogis & prominent personalities since time immemorial to empower themselves.

It has been shown that Rudraksha beads have electro magnetic properties and that they affect the human body when worn on the skin.

Besides the general benefits of pacifying evils,warding of sins and bestowing wealth, the main objective of wearing it is to ensure good health & warding off diseases.

As Rudraksha represents all the Worlds & the three Gods-"Brahma,Vishnu,Mahesh",actually leads to meantal peace & spiritual progress.

It can be made available in form of Bracelet,Necklace,Armlet,various Kavach,earrings,Pendants & 1-13 faces Rudraksha beads .


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  Rudraksha Beads


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NAVRATAN can be worn by a student , businessmen , professional or a retired person to improve their energy level. This Mala would not only suffice the requirement of your body but also would make your sub conscious mind more powerful , which would help you to fulfill all your desires.

Navratan pendant, ring, mala ,works on the basis that the colour of the selected gem correspond closely with the main energy points of the body known as chakras. When the vibrations within a gemstone are in harmony with the particular vibrations of the wearer, they complement each other. This will then ensure a state of well being. You would be free from ailments and a healthy body would have a healthy mind, which is the key to sucess in this world.

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