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Coral is a gem of the planet Mars
It is of Mesh & Vrashchik Rashi. It is worn in the phase of Mars. This is hot gem & it keeps the body warm.

CORAL when to be worn?
The auspicious hour for putting it on initially is an hour after the sunrise on Tuesday. It may be worn on the neck, arm or finger. Coral should be worn in the phase of Mars (Mangal) & it is to be used of maximum weight as it reduces after wearing.

It is also indicated in diseases of the liver, measles, smallpox, ulcers, piles, blood pressure, urns, fistula, diabetes, idleness, depression, cough & palpitation of heart etc.. It is prescribed for a pregnant woman to prevent miscarriage. It is also worn as preventive from an evil eye etc.
One who wears it destroys his enemies & is preventive from thousands of diseases, it checks fearful dreams & in cases of serious accidents, it saves the life of the wearer. To the persons of old age, it gives them strength, courage & removes their weakness & provides warmth in the body. If this stone is worn by children with moon stone it prevents their untimely death and if worn with Emerald, success in competitions & other examinations is easily achieved. Person who becomes more upset, coral makes him tranquil. If you suffer from deficiency of vitamins & proteins in the body it helps to promote them and quickly you become fit to move. This can also be worn for safety from evil spirits and if bewitched.
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