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Emerald- Emerald-
 Cab Octagon    
Emerald is the gem of Mercury.
This gem is of Mithun and Kanya Rashi . According to astrologers it is beneficial when worn in the phase of Mercury.

Emerald when to be worn?
It is to be studded in gold & put on the neck, arm or finger on Wednesday, in the morning, two hours after sunrise.

If you present a real emerald to your lover he or she will be attracted towards you.
If in your horoscope Mercury planet is weak, you will suffer with number of troubles and diseases, so wearing of Emerald will minimize your troubles. It increases your memory & makes you broad-minded & kind-hearted towards others. This gem can spread the business and if the businessman wears this gem with yellow sapphire it develops more business. After its use the talking capacity is improved and if any body suffers with stammering he can improve gradually and will be cured. It should be worn when Mercury is weak.

It is prescribed for purification of blood, for curing urinary diseases, colic pains, leucoderma, dumbness, deafness and specially for the treatment of the diseases of the heart. It is beneficial in epilepsy, mental diseases, nassor, skin diseases, smallpox, measles and stomach troubles etc. 
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