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Pearl- Flat Bottom Shape

Pearl- Round Shape

Pearl-Round Shape

Pearl- Flat Bottom Shape

  Pearl is a gem of the Moon & is of Kark Rashi.
A real pearl has got the brilliance of a star. A fine pearl invariably delights the onlooker. It is of whitish colour. It is always regarded as a good omen to present pearl studded Jewellery ornament in marriage. A pure pearl when worn brings great prosperity & happiness. It diminishes the anger and keeps peace in mind. It reduces unnecessary thoughts and instability of mind is stabilized. It is most beneficial for ladies, it should be worn in the phase of Moon.

When to put on the pearl?
Pearl is worn as an auspicious Gem in the phase of the Moon. It is initially worn on Monday in the evening on the neck, arm or finger. It is considered to be more beneficial when pearl is studded in silver is worn.

As a matter of fact Pearls which possess lustre are more beneficial for treatment of diseases.

It is specially prescribed for diseases caused by the deficiency of calcium in human body and for the diseases of the heart and is also prescribed in diabetes, malnutrition, insanity & other mental diseases.
If in your horoscope moon planet is weak you will suffer from insomnia, syphilis, blood pressure, vomiting, cold cough & blood diseases. You will be liable to commit suicide or run away from your home. Palpitation of heart, weakness of vision, urinary troubles, epilepsy & sometimes walking or running away in sleep are also some of the diseases connected if your moon planet is unfavourable.
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