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 Yellow Sapphire  Yellow Sapphire Yellow Sapphire   Yellow Sapphire-Trillion

Yellow Sapphire is the gem governed by the planet Jupiter.

This Gem is of Dhanu & Meen Rashi. Yellow Sapphire has all along been considered as a great talisman stone.

SAPPHIRE when to be worn?

One of the most important of the celebrated "nine planets" it is worn on Thursday in the afternoon, one hour before sunset.

In the west it was thought as a stone capable of reducing sexual appetite.
The yellow colour gradually decreases after using real Yellow Sapphire and if it is kept in sun shine or in lamp heat then the yellow colour will become lighter than before ( When Jupiter is in close association with Saturn or Rahu or is severely afflicted by such evil planets in nativity, colour of yellow sapphire may fade away ). Generally Yellow Sapphire of good quality should be worn. It should be worn when Jupiter is weak.

It is the chief signification of prosperity, so after using Yellow Sapphire there is increment in property. It enhances wealth, prosperity, wisdom & longevity of life of the wearer. For a female it helps in search of a life partner. If it is worn with Turquoise by unmarried girl the difficulties to marry will diminish and she will soon be engaged & married. Sapphire is fortunate for female sex & helps in promoting the status and prosperity of her husband. It removes disputes between spouses & brings prosperity in the family.

If a woman is not blessed with a child it bestows her with a child. In case of a woman if her husband is of loose character it helps in mitigating the abuses & helps to avoid the occurrence of divorce.
It is prescribed for jaundice, gastric, chronic constipation, cough, colds, asthma, nose bleeding, apoplexy, tumour, liver weakness, ear trouble & high blood pressure etc.

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