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It is found in various colors, as white, black, blue, green, yellow, light brown & pink etc. These colors governs different planets e.g. green is for Budh & Shukra, red for Surya & Shukra, blue for Shani & Shukra & yellow for Brihaspati & Shukra etc.Due its varied colour range it is also called as 'Rainbow gemstone'.

It is never unfavourable. If you do not know what should be worn, you may use it for any problem. It enhances your wisdom & intelligence & protects you from worries & disputes. It forecasts in the dream if any mishap is likely to occur in your life. Green is good for business and red is favourable for artists. Specially those students who are dull & weak in study green tourmaline will be a great asset for them.




:: Baguette ::



:: Cushion ::



:: Heart ::



:: Oval ::



:: Pears ::



:: Round ::



:: Marquise ::



:: Square ::



:: Trillion ::



:: Octagon ::



:: Tumble ::

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